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Frequently Asked Questions


What is vintage clothing?

Generally speaking, clothing which was produced before the 1920s is referred to as antique clothing and clothing from the 1920s to 20 years before the present day is considered vintage. Retro, short for retrospective, or "vintage style" usually refers to clothing that imitates the style of a previous era

Does vintage mean used?

Not necessarily. Vintage merely deals with the age of the clothing, as opposed to the use. Some vintage clothing can be "never worn". If you're a true vintage lover, it doesn't matter!

What is the difference between second hand and vintage?

Secondhand or used clothes are basically called as such because they are cheaper than brand new ones. Vintage, on the other hand, can be cheaper or costly depending on the style or age of clothing..

Why don't you re-stock popular/sold out pieces?

How annoying is it to see someone with your same outfit on? Lets end the cycle, one garment at a time!